Wanna keep that Summer glow year around? Now you can!

We now offer two different styles of tanning beds: stand up or lay down.

Come get your glow on at Riverfront Athletic Club!

About Our Tanning Beds

The Luxura V8 is the top-of-the-line stand up tanning booth for guests who want to skimp on time but not on their tan. The V8’s sleek design is complemented by the adjustable Ambient FlowLight and the units sound around plus feature. In addition to all the benefits of a high-end stand-up tanning booth, the Luxura V8 delivers superior tanning results in rapid 8-minute sessions.

The Luxura X5 is the mid-high level lay-down bed that serves superior tanning power. It consistently produces exceptional tanning results in 12-minute sessions. The easy maintenance design is complemented with a colorful ambient lighting system and bluetooth.

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