Looking to change up your workouts?

Woman Lifting Weight

If you are looking to change up your workouts, we have some great options for small group personal training classes. Please see information below and stop at the front desk to sign up today!

Muscle & Strength Class with Brandon Falkenberg – Tuesday and Thursday; 5-6p in Total Athlete training studio
This class is for anyone looking to build lean muscle and increase strength.  It will focus on fundamental strength and mass movements, and stress proper form and technique.  We’ll incorporate high volume giant sets to get you pumped up and overload all areas of the strength curve utilizing a variety of free weights, body-weight exercises, resistance bands, and more.
First two sessions are free. Drop-ins are welcome.  Cost is $15 for drop in class and $120 for 10 sessions. Stop by or call the front desk to register for Muscle & Strength class.


Tabata HIIT class with Kami Meier – Tuesday and Thursday; 5:30-6:30pm in Total Athlete training studio
Tabata is one of the most popular forms of high intensity interval training (HIIT). It consists of 8 rounds of ultra -high intensity exercises sustained in a 20 seconds-on, 10-seconds recovery format. It takes only 4 minutes but you’re pushed to your limit. Class will include moderate weight training, core exercises, and flexibility. Benefits include increased aerobic and anaerobic fitness, fat burn, calorie burn, and increased metabolism.

Cost is $15 for drop in class and $100 for the month. Stop by or call the front desk to register for Tabata HIIT class.