SINGLE $50/month | $50 Initiation Fee

COUPLE $80/month | $50 Initiation Fee

FAMILY $100/month | $50 Initiation Fee


Single 1-Month Paid-in-Full $45
Single 3-Month Paid-in-Full $100
Couple 3-Month Paid-in-Full $150
Single Month-to-Month $35/Month and $25 Initiation Fee
Couple Month-to-Month $60/month and $25 Initiation Fee

Paid in Full

6 Months: SINGLE $269 | COUPLE $449 | FAMILY $539

12 Months: SINGLE $509 | COUPLE $859 | FAMILY $1019

Health insurance reimbursement is available for: Blue Cross Blue Shield, HealthPartners, Humana, Medica, PreferredOne, U Care Minnesota, Vitality

Walk Ins

Day pass per person: $15

Punch card for 10 visits: $100

Riverfront Kids’ Club

Kids’ Club rates are $25/month for 2 hours per day (up to 2 children; $5 for each additional child) OR $6/hour/child

Children may stay for maximum 2 hours/day with parent or guardian in the Riverfront Athletic Club facility.

Learn more about our Kids’ Club >

Corporate/Group Memberships

SINGLE $40/Month | $25 initiation fee

COUPLE $60/Month |$25 initiation fee

FAMILY $70/Month | $25 initiation fee (5 members/family $5 per additional member)

*Must have 5 members to start corporate membership. 

Get in shape with Riverfront Athletic Club

Riverfront Athletic Club Rules & Guidelines

We want your experience in this facility to be a positive one. Please follow the club rules outlined below.

General Rules

  1. A valid membership card is required for admittance to the gym.
  2. Please refrain from any loud or abusive language.
  3. Alcohol, smoking or drugs are not allowed on the premises.
  4. The sale, distribution or promotion of prescription drugs will result in immediate revocation of membership.
  5. No personal notices, advertising or other literature, either posted or distributed, is allowed without the expressed permission of the management.
  6. Adjustments to radio, heat, air conditioning, fans and other equipment will be made by staff only.
  7. Members are not permitted behind the front desk without staff permission.
  8. Cups, paper and trash should be disposed of in the proper receptacles.
  9. Visitors are restricted to the lounge area, unless a day pass is purchased.

Age Requirements

  1. Cardiovascular Machines: Must be 13 years of age with an adult at all times.
  2. Selectorized Strength Area (No free weights): Must be 14 years of age with an adult at all times.
  3. Fitness Center Full usage: Must be 15 years of age without an adult.
  4. Group Fitness Studio: Must be 15 years of age to participate in all group fitness classes.

Workout Floor Rules

  1. Members must be properly attired in standard workout clothes while in exercise areas. Swimsuit, underwear and street clothes are not allowed. Shirts must be worn at all times.
  2. No food or open drink containers allowed on the workout floors.
  3. Members should replace all free weights on appropriate racks after use.
  4. All weight equipment should be handled in a responsible manner. Please refrain from slamming or dropping weights. Abuse of equipment will not be tolerated.
  5. Chalk permitted in bowl area only.
  6. Be courteous. Let others work in with you. Help spot someone if asked. Refrain from loud language and excessive talk. Always be aware of your surroundings. Don’t play around
  7. Have a spotter when using heavy weights.
  8. Wipe down equipment after use.

Aerobic Studio Policies & Guidelines

  1. To ensure a comfortable atmosphere for everyone, please be courteous and respectful of others.
  2. Please arrive a few minutes prior to class to meet instructor and get any equipment needed for fitness classes.
  3. Please turn off all cell phones and pagers.
  4. Please return any equipment used during class back to appropriate rack.
  5. Please pick up your personal belongings prior to leaving.
  6. No food or beverages allowed in the fitness area (except bottled water).
  7. Please wear the proper attire (no cut off shorts or sandals, shirts and shoes must be worn at all times).
  8. Please notify the instructor in advance if you have special needs or requirements.
  9. Children under the age of 15 are not allowed in the aerobic studio. Youth 15 years+ are unrestricted in the aerobic room.

If members or students violate any rule or regulation they will be subject to the following procedure:

  1. Verbal warning – student/member will be informed by the fitness team members of any violation.
  2. If a second warning is necessary, a written warning will be issued.
  3. If a third warning is necessary, MEMBERSHIP WILL BE REVOKED WITHOUT REFUND.